Knoxville Carrion Crown

Session 5

From the journal of Ravan Ilthir:

My memory of things that happened around this time gets a little patchy. You’ll see why in the recounting below.

Once the Warden’s Badge was in our hands we got patched up and turned to the Secret door Roan noticed. We entered a narrow corridor and got accosted by a nearly invisible ooze. Not really able to describe it any better. Tosticks might have a better description though, as she was covered by it long enough to dissolve most of her armor. I do not think she liked the look.

Next we found the place called the ‘NeverMore’, it was a room with a water filled hole. Several of us found ourselves compelled to stop the bloody letters of our names from being drawn upon the wall. With a little elbow grease and some of Sarenrae’s blessed water we were able to stop what might have been our deaths.

At that point a ghostly old wizard Splatter man, in a foul mood, rose from the water. The Splatterman immediately summoned several large ravenous looking rats and sent them after us. Marten drew the ghost’s fire while the rest of us put the vermin down. Our sorcerer traded his bright bolts of power for more of the same from the Splatterman. Only, the visage’s purified mana, while it almost seemed to draw light toward it, was stronger and more frequent. By the time the rest of us finished off the rats Marten was staggered and had trouble focusing.

Even though we had trouble hitting or hurting the old villain we were able to finally put him to rest. Sarenrae’s power, channeled through Avriel, once again overwhelmed our foe.

Once the ghost was gone Roan dove into the water and returned with an extremely sharp sword (Keen Long Sword + 1 ), a finely crafted mithril dagger ( + 1 ) and a ring (protection + 1 ).

Back to Ravengro we went. A stop by the temple, as it seemed Roan may have picked up a souvenir from the rats that he did not want to keep, then on to haggle with Jeorfa. When all was said and done we had upgraded more of our equipment. After that we went back to the Lorrimor stead and found Uleg had been hired to help Kendra move to Lepidstadt. I believe Liam had mixed feelings, happy she would accompany us to Lepidstadt and not so happy Uleg was going too.

Day 9.

As we re-entered the prison this time we saw many more whippoorwills than we had on previous trips. The well-traveled ranger, Roan, mentioned he had heard these birds eat spirits and can even cause the death of anyone that looks into their eyes.

Down to the basement again and on we moved to the section called ‘The Oubliette’. Someone, I’m not sure who, decided we should take the plaques – we did. We expected to find the Lopper, since he was the last of the Five. Instead we found two. The first was a flaming, headless skeleton wielding an axe. This one may have been an acolyte of Vance Saetressle, but it was a terror all its own. I remember Tosticks being hit and then the axe being swung down on me, but that was all. Avriel was praying over me when I awoke again.

After that we found the Lopper himself Lopper and defeated him, but I can barely recall it. I know he was a semi-transparent, bony, giant axe wielding maniac and was our most difficult fight thus far. I also know that we collected quite a decent amount of gear that Jeorfa was interested in.

However most of the above comes from my companion’s recollections. My memory issues did not dissipate quickly and for some time after the fall of that axe I felt lost, wondering how my body was able to go through the motions even though, inwardly, I was unsure I was still alive.


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