Knoxville Carrion Crown

Session 7

From the journal of Ravan Ilthir:

We left immediately for Morast. There we met with the grumpy village elder, Lazne. From him we learned that the killings started first on the outskirts then became bolder, with Frankie, as he was sure it was the Beast, sneaking into town at night and capturing people in their houses. The townsfolk decided to do something about it and chased the Beast out of town. The villain’s head or face was hurt by the bite of a blood caiman and they left/lost him in the Boneyard – a graveyard.

Tosticks was able to get the old man to aid us in getting to the Boneyard. When we exited the boats, that took us to the graveyard, we saw grave markers tangled with fetishes and a half dozen graves recently dug up. Liam noticed a coracle with blood in it and a sack, large enough to hold a person, tied to it. Soon after that we found some old clothes, the skin of a human face and a nice surgery kit with amethyst handled tools in a fine leather case that had the symbol of a raven carved into it. Also of note was a vial Avriel found that we identified as a potion of dark vision – Marten’s knowledge of Frankie’s (a Flesh Golem) creation, led us to realize that dark vision is something the Beast would already possess.

Before we returned to Lepidstadt, we spoke with Lazne about what we found. Lazne pointed us to the Surgeon’s Flats in Lepidstadt to get information about the tools we found. Once we returned to the city we followed up on the information. After talking to the crafter, and various other people, we finally got the name and address of Vorkstag and Grine’s Chymic Works.

The Chymic Works was dirty, surrounded by a twenty foot stone wall, had leaded windows, two floors, included a tower complete with lightning rod, and smelled nearly as bad a tannery. Of course, we were compelled to get inside. We discussed the best way to do this for some time before an old man exited and locked the gate.

As we approached the old man to question him we noticed a large dog on the other side of the gate. The janitor, or so he described himself, said he was the last one out save for Grine and suggested we go speak to him. He appeared frightened and left. I looked to see if Avriel had smiled at him then realized it was probably our numbers.

Speaking to Grine meant getting past the gate and guard dog. Tosticks picked the lock on the gate then ran to distract the dog while we got inside. Unfortunately, the dog, Flesh golem hound larger and less natural than we had thought, quickly caught the halfling. Quick thinking Marten applied his arcane webbing and allowed us all to get inside. Hmm, perhaps my memory is playing tricks again, but I cannot recall what became of that dog.

With Tosticks’ nimble fingers liberally applied to the locks, we quickly gained entry to the nausea inducing factory. Vats Giant vats of chemicals lined the floor with planks running over them for quick access. We were on level with the tops of the vats and ladders at various points led up to a second/third floor. The bard pointed out shadowy figures moving among the vats.

We stepped back outside and around to another entrance, double doors, possibly for loading and unloading, and gained entrance there with our handy dandy halfling. As soon as the doors were open a conflict began between us and several deformed humanoids. They seemed less like natural creatures and more like they were put together (Mongrelmen). While they were belligerent toward us they were untrained and shortly after Marten layered the area with his arcane filaments they were all dead. Before the combat was finished a fire caught the webs and scorched various crates of goods.

We managed to scrounge one large bottle of fine, sweet, red wine from the charred boxes, the rest did not survive. There was also a small metal box with two dozen labeled vials
12 Alchemical Fire
12 Liquid Ice.

From there we moved back to the first door and found the shadowy figures had vanished but a light could be seen on the second floor with shadows that indicated movement. Up we went. When the cavalier entered the room a small fire-haired man, bearing some resemblance to the assassin we encountered at the crossroads several days previous, turned from a workbench and, axe in hand, charged Liam and ducked between his legs. He stopped short upon seeing the rest of us outside the room and with a quick dexterous gesture cast us into darkness. Having caught us by surprise the wicked little man quipped ‘My axe will see you out’ and laid into Tosticks with his poisoned weapon before running down the catwalk.

Avriel, able to see as well as the little fiend, applied her deity’s power to restrain him long enough that we were able to catch up. A holy symbol was noticeable around Grine’s Grine neck, for that is who it turned out to be, as he commanded Liam to jump from the walkway. The cavalier’s pride was more hurt than his body when he hit the level below. Marten enchanted the evil priest with a vibrant spray of color and Roan peppered him with arrows.

At that moment I watched as another figure, the old man from outside who was actually Vorkstag, stepped out of a door and tossed a vial at Liam. A plume of fire erupted on the floor too far away to distract Liam from spearing the red headed priest above him. A scream followed by a splash was the last we heard of Grine as he dropped into one of his own vats of bleach.

Vorkstag proved harder to hit. He had magical protections up and seemed able to slip out of the way just before we hit him. Finally, I got lucky and ran him through, but he was able to drink a concoction and vanish before I could finish him. When a door opened across the way, seemingly by itself, Roan charged and with a wild swing caught the alchemist in the doorway. Visible again, and staggered from the damage, Vorkstag’s last sight was the metal clad Liam and the flash of his gleaming blade.

Once the old man was dead we noticed that he had a large bite on his shoulder similar to what one might get from the blood caiman. At this point we took the time to patch ourselves up and check over the room where Grine had been working.

We found a variety of potions and some other odds and ends to help pay the bills.

A potion of Bulls Strength
2 potions CLW
Potion of Water Breathing
Wand ???
M/W Heavy Mace
Alchemists Kit
2 doses of Black Adder poison
2 doses of Blue Whinnis poison
1 dose of Death Blade poison
200 GP
4 vials of Anti-toxin
4 Cloudy Diamonds in purple pouch
A collection of books on Anatomy and Surgery
Complete Alchemists Kit

Also we found a set of keys and nearly a dozen flayed skins, used by Vorkstag Vorkstag who turned out to be some foul type of fae able to wear other creatures skins and appear as them. One of the skins was an eight foot tall Mongrelman that could explain why some people thought they saw the Beast.


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