Knoxville Carrion Crown

Session 8

From the journal of Ravan Ilthir:

Through the trapdoor in Grine’s room we found several works of art, notably
An Ebony Tribal Mask
A Scrimshawed Tusk
A Silver Torc

Tosticks was then attacked by three creations Snapjaw homunculus of the now late alchemists. Made of leather, bone and metal their jaws were as powerful as bear traps. However, before we finished them off Tosticks and I got bit – me on the face.

Tosticks moved to another trapdoor, this one led to the roof, and picked the arcane reinforced lock keeping it shut. Outside we found only the lightning rod, copper in the shape of a raven eating a wolf.

Next we went down to the basement and found dozens of crates, some coffins and some bell shaped something I do not well recall. Among the detritus we discovered several weapon blanches
5 Silver
5 Cold Iron
1 Adamantine

Also in the room was an iron door that frustrated Tosticks. As soon as she managed to open it we remembered the keys we had found earlier. Behind the door was a stairway down into a pool of cold water. In the water were several corpses. Avriel opened her senses to the presence of undead just as two corpses jumped up and literally ran across the water to attack us. The priestess directed Sarenrae’s power into the creatures as they attacked her. A moment later I was able to finish them off.

After that we decided to leave and get some rest. The next morning we went to court and registered all the evidence and gave testimony as necessary. The barrister Gustav won his case and took us out to dinner in thanks.

As soon as the meal was done we headed for Hergstag to gather evidence for the next day’s hearing. First we stopped in at the old windmill on the edge of Lepidstadt to speak with three sisters that were witnesses to the killings in Hergstag. They tell us of a girl named Elsa that was killed and found in the arms of the Beast. This was the main reason for the people blaming him for the murders.

When we arrived in Hergstag we first went to the temple then began checking houses. One house was boarded up, we broke in and found everything in good condition. Upstairs was the bedroom of a little girl, named Karen, with all her things still there. When we went back down stairs we saw the ghost of a little girl. We tried to talk with her to no avail. At the end Avriel had to call upon Sarenrae to chase the ghost off.

Walking around we found a body caught in a bear trap with a necklace around it’s neck:
A necklace with a large turquoise

Next we moved to check a hilltop nearby. There was a scarecrow with a scythe and a pumpkin for a head. A sheep’s jaw had been placed on the pumpkin. Roan, watchful as always, spotted the opening to a small cave, too small for the Beast to enter. Inside we found the remains of four skeletal children. As we emerged from the cave an unearthly creature Brother swarm appeared next to the scarecrow and the normal sounds of nature seemed to have taken on an otherworldly quality.

Tosticks, honing her innate weapon attracting talent, once again drew the ire of our foe. Incorporeal, claw-like hands ripped into the halfling causing Tosticks to grimace in pain. Our priestess of Sarenrae immediately channeled the might of her matron deity to disrupt the wraith-like creature. Everyone started maneuvering and the bard began to sing a dirge. After that the horrid multi-eyed villain did not last long. Screaming, from the children and they’re murderer, erupted throughout the village as the child killer dissipated in front of our eyes.

After that we looked for any evidence, but our only choice seemed to be to take the children’s remains back with us.

At the trial the next day, Avriel spoke to the dead girl, Elsa. We heard how Brother Swarm lured and killed the children and how the Beast actually tried to help Elsa. After the trial we exited the building to find an unhappy crowd. They wanted someone to pay and it was looking like it would not happen. We thought it might get ugly after they had some time to work themselves up.

Once more we were off, this time to the Asylum on Karb Isle. Once there we came across a burned out house with grave stones out front and the front door blocked by collapsed timbers. A short search and I, not Roan that time, found a small hole on the side to climb in through. We crawled inside and found several sharp featured, blue skinned humanoids that quickly attacked. Putting my arcane skills to use I conjured a dusting of fine particulates that blinded several of them, and soon after, they were all dead. A search turned up a fire-warped strongbox and Liam, frustrated from the short fight, ripped it open.

Charred documents – we needed Kendra’s help with these
12 Silver crossbow bolts
1 Gold belt buckle – slightly melted
1 Iron bracelet with silver inlay of the moon being eaten by an owl

There were also several deformed bodies badly burned from the fire, one intact severed head, possibly the doctor, broken glass and a vial labeled Vorkstag and Grine Chymical Bleach. This seemed an indicator that the fire may have been started by one or the alchemists.

From there we went back to talk with Kendra about the documents. She was able to discern that the papers were information compiled about Vorkstag and Grine and their nefarious behaviors. Next it was on to speak with Karl, the now blind witness of the arson at Sanctuary. He spoke of the doctor’s dislike for the alchemists and of the shambling, hulking Beast he saw escaping from the flames.

We had what we needed and headed back to our rooms. On the way we came across a now larger and angrier crowd. A few things were overheard that gave the impression they were going to try something foolish. Avriel and Tosticks tag teamed the assembled masses and with their beauty and talent the crowd soon dispersed. However, we were unsure that the peace would hold after the Beast’s next day in court.


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