Knoxville Carrion Crown

Session 9

From the journal of Ravan Ilthir:

The last day of the Beast’s trial came and he was found not guilty, much to the disapproval of the masses. Frankie thanked us and invited us to join him at his father’s place, Schloss Caromarc. And that was what we set out to do after a visit to Judge Daramid, for payment, and a little re-provisioning. While we made the rounds of the various shops and peddlers we overheard people planning to hunt and kill the Beast. Too much work had gone into proving his innocence for us to allow that to happen.

When we arrived we found the manor house was actually built on cliffs lying beyond a roaring waterfall. A fortified gate house served as the entrance. Outside the gate were tied two stocky, dangerous-looking dogs standing nearly twice the height of Tosticks. While we looked the gate house over the door opened and the dogs were released from their leashes.

A small battle ensued, in which trolls Troll and trollhound , something we had only heard about before this day, threw alchemical fire and rocks from above and the dogs engaged us below. During this fray, Liam was once again blackened by fire. He seemed to have a knack for it. I, myself, was saved from being similarly singed by one of my mana fueled likenesses. Once the dogs were down we pressed into the house itself where Roan and a magically enlarged Liam lead us to victory. A lesson we learned was that trolls, and their hounds, required fire or acid to keep them down.

The trolls were forcing goblins to work for them and the goblins were happy to see us. Tosticks spoke their tongue and was able to learn that the human owners left the night before when the castle was attacked. They gave Tosticks an amulet depicting a gagged skull – a symbol of the Whispering Way. After recovering the goblin’s ill-gotten gains, 208 golden sails (GP) and 345 silver wolves (SP), we let them go.

Avriel found a staff thrown into a wood pile.
Staff of Swarming Insects (7)

An inner gate stood in our way and the roaring falls beyond made it hard to hear. On the other side of the gate was a stone bridge, over the waterfall, which led to another gate house. Two more trolls and a hound stood on the bridge and they were looking the other way. With surprise on our side the beasts did not stand a chance.

Once on the other side of the arcing bridge we were able to see another door that led into the next building. That door was guarded by a dog similar to the one we ran into outside of Vorkstag and Grine’s. Coincidence?

Unsure of how to proceed, Roan actually managed to ring a small bell with an arrow. An amazing shot. It seemed as if someone opened a view port momentarily but there was no other response. Eventually we decided some of us would dress as guards, using uniforms we found, and attempt to get passed the dog and the door. Not knowing if those currently inside the manor house were friends or foes we were trying to gain entrance without destroying everything in sight. I had a feeling that we would be unable to maintain that thought process for long.

Three of us in uniforms approached and were able to gain entrance when the door opened from within.


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