Knoxville Carrion Crown

Session 2

Episode 2 – Feb 22, 2013

dead photo walking-dead-ground-zombie-smiles-its-close-up_zpsf4374c4c.jpg

With their newly acquired weapons against undead, the group of six left the stone tomb, breaking back into the cool night air. Outside the young band ran into √úleg and Stephen, heading up the path. Before they could reach each other, the ground between them began to churn up and five corpses dug themselves up attacking the both the patrol and the party. With numbers and coordination, the adventurers quickly handle the zombies, rescuing √úleg from certain demise. Afterward the patrol speaks of a ghost they saw on the prison walls.

Session 1

Episode 1 – Feb 15, 2013

 photo funeral_sm_zps6d7fa6dd.jpg

Our heroes arrived in the town of Ravengro on 1 Lamashan 4701 just as the weather had begun to turn. Under a dark, cloudy sky they took up the task of setting to rest their friend Petros Lorrimor.


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