Knoxville Carrion Crown

Session 10

From the journal of Ravan Ilthir:

The rest of us were able to enter after the three wearing guard uniforms got in and we found ourselves in a foyer looking at a large portrait of Roan hung above a huge roaring fireplace. Actually, it seemed the man in the picture, older than the ranger, was Roan’s father. Also of note, the portrait showed a mirror with a large white, four armed ape that appeared as if it was the reflection of the ranger’s predecessor.

As the ranger had never visited this residence, we searched through the house. First room, much to Liam’s pleasure, held racks of wine, cooled through some unknown process. Liam opened a bottle and began drinking. Roan looked at the cavalier disapprovingly but did not stop him. Several rooms followed; larder, kitchen, coal storage, dining room, billiards room, library with lots of alchemical books, trophy and smoking rooms. Roan’s father may not have been a noble, like the cavalier’s, but he had money to spare.

In the dining room, complete with a vaulted ceiling, we noticed two well-crafted halberds above a fireplace, also burning like the one in the foyer, and Roan found a secret door that led to a hallway and an exterior door.

Outside the door we found a bridge to another building. While we went through that building Tosticks found a concealed door. I believe she heard the clink of coins on the other side and got distracted, that would explain why she did not notice the trap and ended up poisoned. An application from one of the wands we found back in Ravengro took most of the pallor out of her cheeks. For a minute there she made Avriel look healthy by comparison. The halfling’s eyes lit up again as soon as she saw the pouches of coin and the fine ivory goats;
(3 Figurines of Wondrous Power)
1. Acts like a Heavy Horse
2. Acts like a Giant “Nightmare” Bull
3. Acts like a Light Horse and the Horns as a Lance
2000 Sails (GP)

Oddly, counter to the noble cavalier’s behavior with the wine, our troubadour, who on occasion showed larcenous tendencies, thought better of pocketing Roan’s father’s belongings.

There was little else of interest there so when we found another bridge we headed for the next building. This time the bridge was narrow and seemed to be an extension of the rock itself. Scaffolding covered one wall as Liam entered a large workshop that looked as if it had suffered from some sort of explosion. Rubble, from the collapsed wall, covered the floor and three large bugs Designdev rust3rd , seriously how do they get that big and why did one of the legendary wizards not craft a crushing boot evocation, crawled out of it and skittered quickly toward the cavalier. The rest of us were stuck on the thin bridge when the four-legged insects started trying to grab the cavalier with their lengthy antennae. Liam seemed to have some innate fear of them and spent the entire time avoiding contact while we picked them off with ranged weaponry.

When we looked around, sharp eyes caught a rod half buried in the rubble;
Rod of Flame Extinguishing

Next up was a rickety rope bridge, replacing one of stone that had fallen – possibly when the explosion occurred. Not wanting to get caught with all of us on a bridge at the same time again we sent Tosticks across first to scout things out. She made it about halfway when a black-winged, human-looking creature Erinye appeared above and started shooting flaming arrows, from a flaming bow, at her. The rest of the group distracted the flying opponent but were unable to do much more than irritate it. In response the dark clad villain threw a vehement curse our way and all, save Marten, were stricken with pain.

While Avriel called upon Sarenrae’s blessing to close our wounds, Tosticks made it all the way to the other end of the bridge. More shots fired, with little effect, and the creature kept coming after us until the priestess seared it with a beam of golden light followed by multiple blasts from the sorcerer’s bolts. The creature fell to its demise in the waterfall below.

Carefully we crossed the bridge and joined the bard then from there we passed a statue of a nymph as we headed to a set of double doors with a stained glass window above them. Inside we found a room full of weird creature bits in various containers. Liam, impatient at a lack of foes he could actually hit, immediately took in the room, decided it was not to his liking and went straight for the first door. On the other side of the door was more of the same plus two elaborately painted sarcophagi, a pile of chains and a spiral staircase.

Avriel took a closer look at the first sarcophagus and noticed it had a slimy sheen to it just before it slammed into her, its body warping making it obvious it was not actually made of stone. The priestess was caught and before we could respond the real sarcophagus opened and a desiccated, bandaged mummy emerged and hit the sorcerer squarely in the chest leaving a residual mark. After being painfully crushed by the odd mimicking creature, the dhampir was saved by the large blades of Roan and Liam. However, Avriel was still stuck.

The ranger and I managed to finish off the mummy while the others helped free the priestess. We noticed that the chains once had been used to bind the real sarcophagus closed – someone removed them before we had arrived. There was just enough time for Avriel to see to our wounds before a flesh construct Faceless flesh golem , the same size as Frankie, came up the spiral stairs. This thing had no eyes and was led around by several small flying creatures, imps I believe, that were connected to the monster with leashes. Fate was with us as the horrid thing fell quickly to several well placed blows. I unintentionally slowed it down with a freezing evocation and the cavalier and Roan cut large swaths in its torso. When the golem fell the imps shriveled up and died as well.


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