Knoxville Carrion Crown

Session 11

From the journal of Ravan Ilthir:

As we continued through the museum-like building more oddities were placed about. Among other things we saw bodies of a hound, like the one we encountered with the trolls, a sea cow and something that seemed a cross between a monkey and a fish.

Another spiral staircase led up. There Roan found an axe buried in a door he took a liking to.
+1 Keen Great Axe

Past the door was a large room with more curios and three large chests, two empty and the third Tosticks opened and released a couple of flying heads with snakes for hair. One of the heads shrieked leaving the ranger obviously shaken – I think she reminded him of an old girlfriend. Tosticks was ducking and weaving the other until Marten, with a gleeful spark in his eye, ensorcelled it and ordered it to attack the first flying head. Roan, although still shaken, was able to cleave the previously shrieking head in two.

While the sorcerer named his new ‘pet’ Biter, the bard climbed to a trapdoor. She must have been a little out of sorts after nearly having her nose bit off because she missed the gas trap. A miasma filled the room and burned our lungs before we could get out. Once the area cleared we went back to find a small tower on the other side of the trapdoor. It was just an archer’s watch post.

In the lower level, back where the eyeless flesh construct came from, we found three large, black, sealed jars and uncharacteristically decided to leave them that way. However, I did find a nice sword, a scimitar etched with flames, among some debris.
+1 Flaming Scimitar

Next we found a defensible room to rest and while we talked I realized that Count Caromarc was not Roan’s father but a great uncle. I guess I don’t pay enough attention sometimes. Of course if the half-human were not always being so serious…

Outside the building we followed a trail that led to a rusted, iron door at the bottom of a set of stairs. Avriel, with a quick prayer, touched the door and it crumbled in front of our eyes allowing water to rush out and cover the bottom couple of steps. Inside we found a collapsed stair and a hallway. After sloshing through water, the halfling waded, we came to a corner that dropped off into a pit. While crossing we were attacked by axe wielding undead from below.

I got hit multiple times and was unable to do anything except try to get out of the deeper water while the rest of the group went to work. Liam, Roan and Marten laid into the creatures with weapons both physical and arcane while Tosticks bolstered us all with her bardic abilities and Avriel kept me alive.

A quick dive into the pit and Roan and Marten were able to tell that our assailants had been guards of the count’s house before their first deaths.

A large circular room followed, with double doors on both sides and two other doors up high on the walls. Some sort of walkway had once been up there. The room itself was filled with dark water. We decided to start with the closest door up on the wall to our left. Tosticks swam over and was about to use her magical rope to climb up when something bit her from behind. Even after knowing it was there the rest of us could barely make out the reptilian creature. The cavalier, ranger and I all jumped in and swam over to them. Marten ordered Biter to attack, but it missed. Then everyone, except the bard, was treated to a vile and powerful gaze from the lizard-thing that felt like it might freeze the marrow in our bones. Fortunately for us nothing other than that feeling happened. I got to the thing first and, with Tosticks’ aid, skewered the translucent saurian with my new flaming blade augmented with lightning in a manner that would surely have pleased my old master.

Our dead foe sank and we proceeded to climb to the door above. While Tosticks went up, Roan and Marten again searched the water and found nothing of value. Beyond the door we found a rubble blocked stair, possibly linked to the one at the entrance, and a corridor leading to another circular room. I suppose these rooms probably looked like towers from the outside.

Looking into the next room we see more water lapping against cages containing three headless corpses of some sort of apes. A trio of heads with tentacles and bat wings came screaming at us Kev crossley paizo 01 . Tosticks stopped moving at all and one of the creatures tried to kiss her. It failed, and in a moment the halfling snapped back into action and slammed the door with the three heads on the other side. A little prep and Liam opened up the door again and we made short work of them. Roan’s prowess with a bow put an end to two of the foul fliers.

This room is a mirror of the previous and we carefully crossed to another door at the same upper level we were at. Past that door we found an alcove with four vials:
Potion of Displacement
Potion of Gaseous Form
2 Vials of Basilisk Blood (anti-paralysis)

From there we found a door to another circular room like the other two. When we looked in we saw lots of fungi and decided our allergies were bad enough and skipped it. Then on to yet a fourth circular room, just like the last three, with some sort of slime that attacked Tosticks when she opened the door. As it tried to envelope the bard, Marten conjured grease to cover her but the slime maintained its hold. This fight lasted a bit as the creature kept splitting when hit and we had to overcome multiple of them before it was done.

Some of us were seriously wondering how this place got this bad. The trolls did not seem to have gotten past the first guard house. There were the people that the goblins mentioned from earlier, but some of the mess here seemed like it was this way for some time. We found another bridge that led to another tower and hoped we would find some answers there.


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