Knoxville Carrion Crown

Session 12

From the journal of Ravan Ilthir:

Before we moved on to the last tower we decided to fall back, clean up and prepare.

Over the last bridge was a large tower topped with a lightning conducting array of iron rods set on a huge metal steeple. We passed through a small arch with stout, iron-bound doors beyond. Tosticks applied her usual delicate touch and the well-made lock clicked open. Inside, books and metal bits were strewn about, a stair case wound along the circular wall to a trapdoor thirty feet above and the remnants of a large metal cage sat in the center. The previous occupant of the cage, a four armed flesh golem stitched together with whatever the creator found lying about, looked up when we entered Guardian of the tower .

We no longer needed to think much about this type of construct, we just reacted. Marten heightened our sense of time while the rest of us attacked. Most of our first assault was spent learning what arcane elements the creature was immune to. Most of them as it turned out. Although it seemed to slow down when confronted with fire or ice. Liam drew the construct’s attention, the two traded blows and the cavalier’s skill was obviously the better. After several well placed attacks, the golem was staggered allowing Roan to land the final blow – Liam was less than pleased that the kill was taken from him.

A quick search turned up only an illegible instruction manual for some sort of contraption. Avriel said she could decipher it the following day if need be so we took it with us. At the top of the stairs we saw that the trap door was worth more than most, it was made of adamantine. With our growing knowledge of golems we figured this would have kept the construct from getting to the room above.

A web choked room with a ladder leading up. Roan noticed faint chalk marks on the wall to the east. It turned out to be a diagram showing devices and mostly visual instructions for their use. As we looked them over a small construct appeared, literally, and after clearing away more webs to display further diagrams, it tried to help us decipher them. Before we could defeat the creature in the next room we would need to get to the roof and activate the apparatus shown in the diagrams.

Liam climbed up first followed by Tosticks. They note a woman in a large bell jar filled with fluid, an iron idol with terrified human eyes that seemed alive and thick webs all over the room. The ladder continued up another sixty feet or so and in the center of the ceiling was a large metal plate. The light in the room came from two windows, as it did in the room below. The bard and cavalier noticed everything as well as another construct as it climbed down the web toward them. This golem was foul, with spider legs and multiple other appendages including lobster claws and tentacles. And it was HUGE.

Tosticks started calling for us to get up the ladder then decided to climb down instead, followed quickly by the cavalier. Liam, thick threads of web stuck to him, jumped the last few feet down the ladder and we all stared up to see something massive cover the trapdoor. We looked at the cavalier and bard for an explanation but a large slimy tentacle snaked down from the trapdoor and snatched the priestess. Marten reacted by coating Avriel with conjured grease. Unmoving, the priestess slipped from the creature’s grasp and would have fallen nearly thirty feet if Tosticks did not react to turn her fall into a slow gentle descent.

Roan sent a vial of alchemical fire chasing the tentacle through the trapdoor and we started the fight in earnest. We learned the hard way that we could barely scratch the abomination and had to change to a delaying tactic while Roan and Marten flew, under Marten’s magical prowess, to the roof. The skies darkened and sorcerer and half-elf both survived multiple bolts of lightning from the heavens while they activated the device. Once they did, our old friend, Frankie the Beast, joined the fray Beastfighting .

The rest of the combat involved everyone applying the full extent of their individual skillsets simply to stay alive while distracting our opponent. Marten was able to manipulate the Beast, via the apparatus, and deliver an unbelievable amount of punishment to the larger construct. However, it was Liam that actually delivered the killing blow.

Also of note, Liam, during a point in the combat that we were skeptical of our survival, made some odd remark to Avriel about being her brother.

After patching up we released the person trapped in the iron idol and it turned out to be Count Caromarc Caromarc . The person in the large bell jar turned out to be the preserved body of the Count’s wife. Roan and he talked some of their relations before Caromarc offered to pay us 3000 sails (GP), via a note cacheable in Lepidstatd. The Count also asked us to look into why the Whispering Way had come to his house and caused so much trouble. We also learned from him that the Whispering Way had the Sea Sage Effigy and they may be on their way to the Shudderwood. Last, Caromarc gave us a letter of introduction to an old, storied lodge in that area.

After resting up we left for Lepidstatd to re-equip before moving on.


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