Knoxville Carrion Crown

Session 2

Episode 2 – Feb 22, 2013

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With their newly acquired weapons against undead, the group of six left the stone tomb, breaking back into the cool night air. Outside the young band ran into Üleg and Stephen, heading up the path. Before they could reach each other, the ground between them began to churn up and five corpses dug themselves up attacking the both the patrol and the party. With numbers and coordination, the adventurers quickly handle the zombies, rescuing Üleg from certain demise. Afterward the patrol speaks of a ghost they saw on the prison walls.

Late at night they all head back together, stopping off at the church to relate what has happened to Father Grimburrow. On the way back to the mansion the group hears a female wailing in the distance.

The next morning the group has found the letter ‘E’ on the memorial, written in blood from a dead dog. Some of the group spends a little time trying to clean the blood off the memorial (to no avail) and they clean up the grisly scene as best as they can, attempting to return the grounds as much to normal as they can. They then speak to Sheriff Benjen and invite him back to the mansion for breakfast, sharing with him what happened in the Restlands.

Breakfast is interrupted by two visitors; Shandra Forven and Vashian Hearthmound, council members of Ravengro. They implore the party to stay and help with the ghosts, inviting them to the council meeting at sunset to discuss terms.

After all the visitors leave, the party speaks to Kendra, learning what they can from her. Lorrimor had visited Harrowstone over the last few months. We get Kendra to do a Harrow card reading for us and Avriel asked what were the Whispering Way looking for at Harrowstone? Kendra draws a knight and she told the group that the Whispering Way was looking for a guard or guardian there. We conclude it was either the ghost of the executioner that was walking the walls or perhaps the warden.

On a lead from Kendra, the group heads off to speak to Jeorfa, the dwarven blacksmith. She has been in Ravengro since it was created. The blacksmith is rather short with the party but lets them know she help lay the foundation for Harrowstone and help build the basement, as well as the locks and all the metal hardware throughout the prison. Introductions were made all around in an attempt to become at friendlier terms before departing.

The group then stopped by town and talked to Apothecary Jominda, making a few small purchases and inquiring about other things such as anti-toxin’s and such.

Afterwards the group headed back to the cemetery to examine where the zombies had arisen. The spots where the dead came back only had old stones or markers, any identifying markings or letters worn down over time. The party did find a part of old piece of paper though. The paper itself seemed to be a document that sentenced someone to death at Harrowstone. There wasn’t enough of the paper to identify who was sentenced. There was an old wax seal, but it was too old to make out any markings as well.

The band then returned back to their home and then up to Harrowstone to do a little scouting while it was still daylight. The group still had a few hours before the council meeting.
The group discovered the wall around Harrowstone mostly intact, except for the gate, which is hanging open, and a small portion of the wall, which has crumbled in around a pond of water in the prison yard.

Ravan attempted to go in, but sets off some kind magical trap, petrifying him from going in further, causing him step back in fear. The group calms him and after some persuasion they try to enter again to find it safe to do so. The prison yard is pretty empty, with exception of a dilapidated old house between the gate and the inner prison.

Tosticks explored the house as long as she could before it became too unstable and collapsed upon itself. She jumped out of a window, escaping certain death.

Avriel noticed shining carved runes etched with blood around the bottom of the prison walls. The vegetation had been cut away to clear the wall for the ritual. A detect magic spell detected lingering magic, a mix of adjuration and necromancy. The magic was about a month old.

The group decided that was enough for the day and made their way back for the council meeting. As the meeting was getting started, the lamps on the wall burst into flames and two flaming skulls appeared, attacking. The party split their resources, first ushering the citizens out and saving any that were caught in the growing fires, before destroying the flaming skulls and putting out the fires before it claimed the building.

The town then offered each party member 500 gold to defeat the undead. They also gave us access to the libraries.

Agreeing, the party is preparing for a final round of research before heading back to Harrowstone.


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