Titles: The Immortal Principality of Ustalav
Alignment: Neutral evil
Capital: Caliphas
Ruler: Prince Aduard Ordranti III
Government: Loose confederacy of counties
Natives: Ustalavs
Adjective: Ustalavic
Languages: Common, Skald, Varisian
Religions: Desna, Pharasma, Urgathoa
Map: Map of Ustalav

The Immortal Principality of Ustalav (pronounced OO-stah-lahv] is a fog-shrouded realm of countless horrors, and a once-proud realm that was shattered by the clawed hands of the Whispering Tyrant.


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Ustalav Today

Ustalav now finds itself a strongly divided country, struggling to reclaim a semblance of its former greatness and burdened with a history of darkness few nations can equal.The country was recently fractured by two civil wars which overthrew the governments of three of the western counties, and a fight for royal succession after the last prince left no clear heir to his throne.


After centuries of abuse and exploitation, the people of Ustalav are a highly suspicious and superstitious lot. Descendants of Varisian wanderers who immigrated there millennia ago, many still hold to their traditional beliefs. Among these are the worship of the goddess of travelers, Desna. Their long occupation and enslavement at the hands of the lich, however, also left its marks. The worship of Pharasma, who abhors the undead, and the Pallid Princess Urgathoa, who reveres the undead, are common in the nation as well.


Ustalav lies on the very northern tip of Lake Encarthan, surrounding much of Avalon Bay. Ustalav’s position is precarious, as it is located next to two hostile nations: the orc-inhabited Hold of Belkzen to the west and the demon-infested Worldwound to the north. It neighbours to the east are not much better. They may be human nations, but include the tyrannical land of the living god Razmiran, the constant chaos of the River Kingdoms, and barbarian kingdom of Numeria. Considering the nature of its neighbours, it is no wonder that many of Ustalav’s inhabitants are insular and distrusting of foreigners. Only along the southwestern border does Ustalav find a friendly (if highly suspicious) neighbour, the country of Lastwall. The geography of Ustalav is hugely varied, split into thirteen different counties, each with its own unique geography. If there is one geographic feature that dominates the entire country, it is the Hungry Mountains that encapsulate an entire county in their stony reaches.

Major Settlements
Carrion Hill

Minor Settlements
Anactoria, Ardagh, Berus, Cesca, Chastel, Courtaud, Hyannis, Illmarsh, Kavapesta, Lepidstadt, Marian Leigh, Pleasant Hollow, Ravengro, Redleaf, Sen’s Pass, Sturnidae, Tamrivena, Thrushmoor, Vauntil, Vische

From: Ustalav, Pathfinderwiki


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